Tidying up your garden certainly isn’t a job that anyone is eager to do. Cutting brunches, trimming hedges and then having to clean it all up can seem like a hassle. This is especially true when you aren’t sure of how to best dispose of all of the organic waste that it going to build up. This organic waste goes beyond leaves and grass with things like broken wood and soil needing to be cleared as well.

If these things are left to dry out through the winter they can become a major fire hazard during the summer so it is important to get onto disposing of it quickly. Not only will removing the organic waste ensure that your garden and home has a reduced risk of fire, it will also look neater and more presentable for when you have guests over.

Tips for removing organic waste

Most local councils will conduct a green waste pick up roughly once a fortnight so you can put a lot of your waste into your green bin and leave it out the front for collection. However, it is often that case that there are restrictions on what can and cannot be placed into these bins for the usual collection. Items suitable for the green bin organic waste collection include;

  • Leaves,
  • Twigs,
  • Small branches,
  • Grass cuttings and
  • Soil

Larger branches, old wood and other organic materials from your garden must be set aside for a special pick up. This is easily organised with a simple phone call to your local council requesting a larger pick up ensuring that they come within the next week to collet your organic waste.

Of course for some larger items, for example if you were putting in a new deck and throwing away a lot of old wooden planks, then you may want to enlist the help of a professional rubbish removal service. This will ensure that it is all removed quickly and it is taken to the right place for recycling.

What if my green bin isn’t big enough?

If you don’t regularly clean and look after your garden then you may find that you don’t have enough room in your green bin to fit all of the grass and hedge trimmings. In this case, you will want to find a durable and robust bag or bin to hold all of your organic waste until it is collection day.

Using heavy duty garbage bags is often a great option as they are waterproof and are able to hold larger amounts of waste that may be heavy or sharp, ensuring that not holes are made.