Junk removal is our game

We have been around for a few time currently, cleansing Melbourne of its rubbish and usually serving to the surroundings through our exercise efforts. however wherever did it all start?

1989 – First tipper truck bought

It started from humble beginnings with one man and a truck back in ‘89, once denim jackets were in and massive hair was all the craze. Robert, our origination Director saw a niche within the market once his landscaping and odd-job man customers began to request hand-loading rubbish removal at a staggering rate. This development lead him to transform his business by providing Melbourne’s growing population with a convenient and cheap Rubbish Removal Service.

1998– Expanding business searches for partner

After a decade of build up the business, Robert set it absolutely was time to travel that one step further; get recent blood into the business; expand his running stock; and dominate Melbourne’s rubbish removal business. once abundant looking out, Robert found the proper partner in Les Haddad, somebody with equal passion and commitment to supply a stand-out waste disposal service to the complete of Melbourne.

2005– Rebrand and name change

Cheap and Reliable Services was our original name and it did the work for several years, fronting a business that was simply finding its legs and serving to North American country establish an honest name inside the business.

Over time tho’ we have a tendency to set to essentially specialise in what we have a tendency to were nice at—providing our customers with not solely a good service, however the most affordable load of rubbish in Melbourne. ‘Voila’, the name was born, the most affordable Load of Rubbish, easy and to the purpose. however we have a tendency to didn’t stop there, we would have liked to square out from our competitors conjointly, thus on came the brilliant orange tipper trucks you see nowadays. This we have a tendency to thought wouldn’t solely function a positive amendment inside our company however a color that nobody would miss.

2007– Relocation to new site

This year was a significant flip for the corporate. Relocating to St Peters wasn’t a simple move however one that was required to grow the corporate. once a touch aid and swashes of orange, the premises was match and prepared for work. each truck load of rubbish will currently be sorted to maximise the company’s exercise effort, a significant reason for getting the primary place.

2014– Present day

We generally need to kick ourselves. From wherever we have a tendency to began to wherever we have a tendency to area unit nowadays, it’s been a protracted road, however one that clearly shows we all know our client and that we give a worthy service. With {one of|one among|one in all|one amongst|one in each of} the most important fleets of trucks in Melbourne we have a tendency to still expand and improve at every chance. we have a tendency to love Melbourne and that we love our job.