Climate change is starting to rear its head and we need to act quickly in order to get on top of it and reduce the effects so that they can ultimately be managed in the long run. Nude food is one of the latest trends, and I say trends but it should become a way of life that enables everyday people to contribute to the fight for the environment.

What is ‘Nude Food’?

The term nude food refers to food without unnecessary packaging. It is a great way for schools and families to start reducing the amount of packaging that they use on food and minimising the use of plastic and other single-used products that damage our environment.

For example, a child’s lunchbox may contain a juice box, 2-3 zip lock snack bags, a muesli bar and a sandwich wrapped in cling wrap. All of this packaging could have easily been avoided if you had invested in the right re-useable containers.

Parents and their children aren’t the only offenders with school canteens also major culprits. There is so much wrapping and packaging that goes into canteen lunches such as cut up fruit, packets of lollies and sandwiches as well.

A nude lunchbox

There are a few simple things that you need in order to out together a nude lunchbox and it may be easier than you think. Reusable containers are the starting point and if you can get ones that have multiple compartments that is even better. Multiple compartments allow everything to stay compact whilst containing various different foods and eliminating packaging.

Also using a plastic or metal drink bottle is ideal, something that can be reused a lot. Ensure that all of the containers are air tight to keep the food fresh and separate. The aim of this is to encourage fresh food and healthy eating that also manages to avoid packaging.

Include things like apples, bananas, raisins, vegetables, sandwiches and nuts.

Things to avoid

There are a number of things to avoid when it comes to making a nude lunchbox and some of these things may be a little reminder as to how much packaging usually goes into the lunchbox.

  • Plastic wraps, foils and zip-lock bags
  • Pre-packaging juice boxes, yoghurts and cheeses
  • Plastic forks and spoons
  • Pre-packaged foods such as biscuits, chips and muesli bars

Tips for a nude lunchbox and child encouragement

Explaining to your children why you are making the food and packaging it the way you are is a great way to encourage them to get on board and be happier with the food they are now receiving. This will also encourage them to make better choices in the future as they now have a purpose for unpackaged foods.